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CAAWA is the professional home of chiropractors and chiropractic students in Western Australia. The association is committed to promoting and serving a unified chiropractic profession.

CAAWA was established as the Australian Chiropractors' Association in July 1964 when six chiropractors met and adopted the proposed Constitution and rules. Registration of chiropractors occurred first in Western Australia with the assenting of the Chiropractors Act in November 1964.The CAA, as it is today, came into existence following an historic determination in September 1990 by the then two national organisations, the Australian Chiropractors' Association and the United Chiropractors Association of Australasia Ltd, to amalgamate.

CAAWA members are bound by a professional code of practice based on ethical principles. They respect, care about and are committed to their patients' wellbeing. You can have confidence in a CAA chiropractor.


The CAA (WA) membership is served by the CAA (WA) Board of Directors:

President:   Dr. Joshua Tymms

Vice President:  Dr Lyndon Woods

Secretary: Dr. Bill Pyrke

Treasurer: Dr Paul Bruno


Dr Warren Genders

Dr Conor Sexton

Dr David Minns


CAAWA Branch Executive

Executive Officer: Shelly-Anne Cornell

Goals of CAAWA

Community Recognition and Support

  • The WA Community recognises that chiropractic practice is about wellness care rather than sickness care
  • The WA community recognises chiropractors as the experts in spinal health
  • CAAWA members are seen to be innovators providing best practice services

Association Profile

  • CAAWA is heard and respected by others as the single voice of the chiropractic community in WA
  • CAAWA has a strong brand position
  • Prospective members recognise CAAWA as worthy of their membership

Member Profile

  • Members form strong linkages across all sectors of the chiropractic community
  • Members have the competence, confidence, self esteem and expertise to promote themselves and their profession
  • Members understand and lead in best practice chiropractic practice
  • CAA(WA) acknowledges and promotes high achievement amongst its members

Access to Professional Supports

  • Members have effective access to the high quality information, advice and collaborative arrangements they need to sustain and enhance their practice.
  • Members are aware of available support services for their professional activities.
  • Members recognise the value of CAA(WA) professional and business toolkits and use them effectively
  • Members have access to third party expertise in a wide range of relevant fields.
  • Cost of provision of organisational supports is optimised for both the Association and the Member.


  • CAAWA has sufficient critical mass of members to enable the delivery of a comprehensive range of products and services
  • CAAWA has a significant proportion of non-member income


  • CAA(WA) has linkages with professional, educational and business organisations where appropriate to optimise service delivery
  • CAA(WA) maintains a Deed of Agreement and Deed of Association with CAA(National)
  • Linkages with CAA(National) are reviewed annually for effectiveness


  • CAA(WA) and its members are aware of community needs and trends that can be addressed by member services
  • CAA(WA) is aware of the professional and business needs of its members
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