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SoCAA stands for Students of Chiropractors' Association of Australia, but the SoCAA group itself stands for so much more...

SoCAA is a student focussed initiative to support and nurture our student members as they go through the unique educational phase that prefaces their transition to a practising Chiropractor.

The vision of SoCAA is to:

  • Create a sense of community amongst Australian Chiropractic students, from first year through to fifth year, and beyond
  • Facilitate a smooth transition upon graduation from student to chiropractic practitioner
  • Streamline the transition through 1, 2 & 3rd year chiropractic practitioner to full standard CAA membership
  • Groom and foster students with an interest in leadership roles, both within their student communities as well as the greater chiropractic profession once in practise
  • Connect chiropractic students with practising chiropractors, to enable opportunities for mentoring, interacting and insight

CAAWA will also be involved with creating WA bases events for Murdoch Students including technique seminars, graduate development programs and business seminars. The CAAWA also contributes funding to MoveIT!, Murdoch Chiropractic clinic, SoCAA events @ Murdoch and funding for other programs, subject to approval by the CAAWA Board.

Further information can be found on the SoCAA website.

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